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Soldier operating cab in Abuja missing with vehicle



The location of Sergeant Richard Akaeze, a soldier working in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, has been shrouded in mystery since July 2018.

Akaeze left his home on 21 July 2018, in a Peugeot 406 car he used as a taxi whenever he was off duty.

It was learned that the police were informed of the case of a missing person and that an investigation into the accident was initiated.

Recently, agents of the inspector general of the response team to the secret police services led by DCP Abba Kyari arrested a Sanusi Balla and retrieved Akaeze’s phone. Another suspect, Nurudeen Ibrahim, was also arrested.

It is said that the two suspects were members of a gang specialized in stealing cars from taxi drivers in Abuja. According to reports, six Peugeot 406 cars have been recovered.

City Round deduced that the band’s operating mode was to take a taxi, attract the driver to a bar and buy him a drink and pepper soup.

As the party went on, they asked you to help them choose an item they left in the cabin and join the drink or pepper soup with a sedative before returning. So they would have run off with the car as soon as he fell asleep.

Although the suspects confessed to having carried out several operations around the FCT, they claimed that they had never met Akaeze.

Balla, owner of a shopping center in the local government area of ​​Kaura, in the state of Zamfara, said he received Ibrahim’s phone.

The father of eight 37-year-olds explained that his goals were mainly greedy taxi drivers who love to drink.

He stated, “I am a civil servant and I work at the Finance Department of my local government as a clerk. I met Ibrahim when we were in secondary school. One day, he called me and said he wanted to sell a Golf 3 saloon car. I bought it from him for N220,000. Three months later, he called again and asked me to buy a Honda Civic car for the sum of N230,000. Five months after then, he called again and sold a Peugeot 206 to me.

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“But last year, he invited me to join him in stealing cars and I agreed. In my first operation with Ibrahim, we stole a Peugeot 406 car. We picked the cab at Nyanya and led the driver to a popular Garden in Garki area of Abuja, where we drugged him and made away with his vehicle. I took the vehicle away and gave Ibrahim N160, 000. I sold the car N320,000. In the next operation, we stole a Golf 2 saloon car in the Dutse Alhaji area and sold it N160,000.”

He said three weeks later, Ibrahim stole another Peugeot 406 in a lone operation and brought it to Zamfara to sell it to him, adding that he did not have money at that time to buy the car.

“Before he left in the car, I searched it and found a small phone there. I told him that I needed the phone and he gave me. I went with it to Kano and gave one of my friends called Lawan. Two weeks later, Lawan called and told me that he was in Zamfara to see me. I didn’t know that he came with policemen. That was how I was arrested,” he added.

But Ibrahim, 42, denied taking the second Peugeot 406 to Balla or giving him Akaeze’s phone.

The native of Kebbi State said he went into the crime after quitting his elder brother’s farm as a result of a misunderstanding.

He said, “I was his farm supervisor and he married a wife for me. After I had two children, we started having issues and I left the farm. Since I had no means of feeding my family, I went to a friend, Abdulrasheed, who was into drugging cab drivers and taking away their vehicles.”