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Sowore’s wife begs US govt for help over threat to husband’s life



Opeyemi, wife of Omoyele Sowore, convener of RevolutionNow Movement, has cries out over threat to her husband.

She urged the US government to intervene in husband’s predicament, who was again arrested by agents of Department State of Services, DSS, in the federal high court in Abuja on Friday.

During a press conference in the United States over the weekend, Opeyemi said that her husband’s life could be in grave danger unless the US government intervenes.

Opeyemi insisted that Sowore’s new arrest was a sign of lawlessness and a great disregard for the rule of law.

She said: “After over 125 days of my husband being in detention illegally, he was finally set free.

“He got to speak to myself and the children. For the first time, we got to see his eyes when we spoke to him.

“I haven’t told them yet that he was rearrested. I was truly shaken to my core what I witnessed this morning. I was woken up by 4 a.m. what I call truly outrageous and a gross disregard for the rule of law.

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“My husband was strangled and forcefully removed from the courtroom. The judge had to run and hide for her own safety. How do I tell my children who, after 125 days, have for the very first time spoken to their dad and seen his face that he is again in detention and he may not be coming home for Christmas? How do they understand this? Where do they go from here?”

“My 10-year-old (son), one of the things he wants for Christmas is for his dad to be home for Christmas. Christmas is only a few days away. What do I tell him when I leave here and get home?

“I’m truly afraid for his life and at this point, I believe the only way to bring him home is with the help of the United States.”