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Temi Otedola Biography: Net Worth, Age, House, and Cars

Real Name: Temi Otedola

Date of Birth: Born on March 20, 1996

Age: 23 years old (2019)

State of origin: Oyo State

Nationality: Nigeria

Occupation: Fashion blogger and social media star

Net Worth: $2 million.

Temi Otedola Biography

Temi Otedola is her real name and is the adorable daughter of Femi Otedola, an oil magnate and Nigerian billionaire philanthropist. Temi Otedola is a fashion blogger and social media star, younger sister of the Nigerian musical sensation and producer of DJ Cuppy. Themes was born on April 17, 1996 and is known to be one of Nigeria’s best-dressed popular personalities and popular as a fashionista. He has five brothers, including DiJ Cuppy and a brother born into a wealthy family who has no money like him.

The famous fashion blogger and social media star has become popular thanks to the influence of her famous family background and social media activity. His father, Femi Otedola, owns several companies in Nigeria and across the country that earn billions of money every day. Speaking of Nigeria’s richest and most famous family today, the list is not complete or complete enough if the name of Otedola is missing.

His father is CEO of Zenon Petroleum and Gas Comapny, including other real estate companies and companies. A young man named Price Otedola is his younger brother and the only son in the family, of course, the one who will inherit most of the family properties as a male child in the family.

He started his blog career in 2014. His style skills and his association with his famous sister earned him over 120,000 Instagram fans. He has a respectable and enviable fashion blog, which also crosses other niches such as art, travel and photography. His blog is becoming more and more popular as time goes on and he is currently receiving traffic toon. Most of his income comes from his blog and the rest of his family.

You know what it means to be a member of the Otedola family, which means that you don’t have to dream about anything in your life because you can have them at any time and on any day, all you have to do is ask when it is possible. you can afford


Temi Otedola Age

How old is Temi Otedola? Temi Otedola was Born on March 20, 1996, currently 23 years old as at 2019

Temi Otedola Education

Which School did Temi Otedola attended? Temi Otedola Education line is unknown to public


Temi Otedola’s Boyfriend

Image result for mr eazi and temi otedola

Temi Otedola is currently dating the Nigerian singer, Mr. Eazi, who lives in Ghana for a lifetime. It seems that Temi loves him very much because he ruined him with money and good things. Mr. Eazi’s last birthday was a bomb and probably the best he had because his baby made things happen to him. He bought him things and took him all over the world in a private jet. This is the dividend of dating a billionaire’s daughter. If you need this kind of life for yourself, become a rich and intelligent child.


His Boyfriend biography

Eazi, called Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade at birth, is famous for putting African music, especially West African hits, on the world map. Their songs are generally a representation of two distinct countries and cultures and are very dear to their R&B and Afro-beat sounds.

A popular artist among Ghanaian and Nigerian audiences, Ajibade’s musical talent brought him to prominence in Ghana and then in Nigeria. It is currently signed with the Universal Music Group record label, as well as the Los Angeles-based record label, Mad Decent, according to several online reports published in March 2018.

Eazi is best known as the creator of Banku music, a mix of forgiving rhythms and the English Pidgin of Ghana, while his music is generally appreciated for adapting to pop, hip-hop, highlife in West Africa and Afrobeats.

It is also known that the young star has joined a handful of African and international music artists, including DJ Juls, Pappy Kojo, Eugy and many others. His musical credits include the drug mixtape of 2013 About to Blow and Life Is Eazi, vol. 1 – Accra To Lagos, launched in 2017.

Throughout his career, Eazi has won four nominations and three major awards, which he received at the WatsUp TV Africa Music Video Awards and The Headies. In 2016 Headies, the talented singer won the Next Rated Award, while his song Skin 8Tight won the Special Music Video Africa Recognition Award at the WatsUp TV Africa Music Video Awards.

Who Is Mr Eazi? Where Is He From? – Biography

Eazi is a famous Nigerian singer who became famous after contributing a verse to the song My Life while studying at the University of Science and Technology of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana.

The artist was born on July 19, 1991 in Port Harcourt, in the state of Rivers, Nigeria, to a pilot father and mother who worked in small businesses. Its full name is Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, as we mentioned earlier.

Eazi had his primary education in Lagos, Nigeria, then moved to Ghana at age 16 to continue his education. He was eventually admitted to Kumasi’s Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), where he began his journey as a music recorder.

Mr Eazi
Mr Eazi in a video shoot

At that time, the singer used to promote campus events and even book artists for shows such as campus parties and other entertainment events. After registering success, Mr. Eazi founded a promotional company known as Swagger Entertainment.

The record producer entered the mainstream of success while in KNUST after contributing to the song, My Life. After becoming the college hit, the song attracted an impressive number of local and international fans alongside Eazi.

The singer of Skin Tight later returned to his native country (Nigeria) at the age of 23 and started working for Schlumberger, after starting his own e-commerce business.

Other Facts about Mr Eazi

1. Mr Eazi’s father has a personal aviation consulting practice.

2. While growing up, his father usually plays music records for the family during breakfast.

3. Mr Eazi boasts a wealth of business ventures. He once said in an interview that his business interests cover food distribution, gold mining, and soft drinks import.

4. The singer formerly worked as a club promoter. He, however, quit the job after an invited artist failed to make it to a party he attempted to throw in 2014.

5. The singer spent his early childhood in Nigeria and his young adult years in Ghana, where he reportedly has an extended family.

6. Ajibade was among top African artists who attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party in March 2018. The singer was seen together with celebrities like Tyler Perry, rapper Drake, and American rapper Sean Combs, popularly known by his stage name Diddy.

7. Sometime in early 2017, the singer was heavily backlashed for insinuating that Nigerian music is heavily influenced by Ghanaian music. Mr Eazi’s postulation, which was shared on Twitter, immediately went viral both in Nigeria and Ghana, attracting fierce attack on the musician. The backlash saw him render an apology to Nigerians the following day.

8. The Port Harcourt-born singer’s professional music career began in the year 2012. He rose to prominence in the Nigerian music industry in 2016, two years after he relocated from Ghana to Nigeria.

Temi Otedola Net Worth

Putting all his assets and endorsement deals into consideration, Temi Otedola has an estimated net worth of $2 million US Dollar, according to several sources,

Temi Otedola Net Worth in naira

Temi Otedola net worth in naira is Calculated to be #1720,000,000.00 million naira with the conversion rate of #360 per dollar ($2 million * 360 = 720,000,000.00)

About Temi Otedola parent

Femi Otedola.

Femi Otedola was born in 1962 into the family of the late Sir Michael Otedola, who was governor of the state of Lagos between 1992 and 1993. He comes from the state of Oyo.

Before his adventure on the oil scene, Femi Otedola worked for the family typography in the 90s.

In 2003, Femi Otedola created Zenon Petroleum and Gas Ltd. It became a successful company that in 2005 Zenon was a big name in the Nigerian oil market. He even obtained agreements with the main Nigerian companies to which Zenon supplied petroleum products. With the growing success of Zenon Otedola, he donated to noble causes, including N300 million for the completion of the National Ecumenical Center of Abuja and 80 million Naira to the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Port Harcourt.

Thanks to the acquisition of a large part of African Petroleum, in 2007, Femi Otedola was named president and CEO of the company. Eventually he combined the Zenon oil with African Petroleum. His entry into the AP administration skyrocketed the company’s actions.

In 2010, African Petroleum changed its name to Forte Oil. Forte Oil raised the profits of the oil company Otedola, which had collapsed in 2009 due to a drop in oil prices. Forte Oil was also involved in energy production. This diversification has increased Forte Oil’s revenues. In 2015, Forte Oil sold 17% of its assets to the mercury merchant Swiss Mercuria Energy Group, which allowed Forte Oil to access global commodity markets.


Other Acquisitions and Appointments

The billionaire owns many properties, as he is the founder of FO Transport and Seaforce Shipping Company Ltd, Swift Insurance, Atlas Shipping Agency and FO Properties Limited.

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He has also held other positions and positions in his career. In 2011, he was appointed a member of Nigeria’s national economic management team by former president Goodluck Jonathan.


His Net worth

When Forbes published his rich annual list in March 2016, Otedola and 4 other Nigerians made the cut. Otedola was worth 1.8 billion dollars and was ranked 1011 as the richest person in the world. Recently, due to a decline in the price of Forte Oil shares, in which Otedola holds a share of over 78%, its net assets have been reduced to $ 1.2 billion.

House And Cars

As a business mogul whose wealth comes mainly from the oil industry, he has many luxury homes and cars that he shares with his lovely family. Of all his expensive properties, his home in Ikoyi is where he and his family reside. The house is a snow-white house with a rounded architecture that has three floors, an outdoor pool and a garage for Femi Otedola’s favorite car, it’s its bulletproof Mercedes G-Class.

In addition to his home in Ikoyi, Femi did not want to be left out when it came to acquiring selected properties in enviable locations. Therefore, he owns another house in Abuja, which is a little smaller than his Ikoyi home. He also bought a house on Banana Island, one of the most expensive places in Nigeria.


Personal Life

Femi Otedola is married to the beautiful Nana Otedola. They have four children together, 3 daughters, Christine, Ifeoluwa and Temi and a son Fewa. One of her daughters is Nigeria’s most famous DJ, Florence Ifeoluwa, also known as Dj Cuppy.

Otedola is simplistic and has only recently learned to use a card, according to his daughter, DJ Cuppy. However, when he is not winning in life and making lists on Forbes, he likes to sail on his yacht.

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Other Notable Facts 

1. He encouraged the sustainability of the Sir Michael Otedola University Scholarship Awards Foundation, which was created by his late father.

2. His only son Fewa and heir to his wealth is mentally challenged. He suffers from a condition called “Autism” and has been so since he was born that is why he is not so much in the spotlight like his other siblings.

3. He is the second Nigerian to be included on the Forbes list of dollar-denominated billionaires after Aliko Dangote.

4. In 2007, he donated N200 million to the State Security Trust Fund which was done to aid crime fighting in Lagos.

5. In 2011, he received an appointment to serve Nigeria’s National Economic Management Team by President Goodluck Jonathan and as part of the liberalization of the sector in Nigeria, he recently invested in power generation.


Temi Otedola House and Cars

Image result for temi otedola cars




Mr. Eazi speaks on relationship with Otedola’s daughter, Temi, says he is not ‘gold digger’

Nigerian music star Mr. Eazi reacted to speculation that his love affair with Temi Otedola, daughter of Femi Otedola, was due to the wealth of the business tycoon.

It was assumed that the singer could be interested in her father’s wealth, a reason why Temi regularly flaunts social media.

But in a conversation with Vanguard, the singer who has since remained silent says he flaunts his girlfriend because she is the daughter of a billionaire.

“I feel like at the end of the day what comes out of me is in me. You know people can say what they want to say.

“If you put your ears down and react to what they say, you won’t live, especially when you are in the limelight.

“You have to realize that your life is now entertainment for people.

“I don’t care about what people think. If your self-esteem is based on how much is in your bank account then you have a very serious self-esteem issue.

“So my mind, my self-worth has nothing to do with my account. I have had experiences of ups and downs so if my self-worth was based on material things I would have killed my self.”

 My story and living with autism – Temi Otedola

Before coming to my personal journey of loving and meeting someone on the autistic spectrum, I think it is important to first describe what it is for those of you who read and are less familiar. In essence, autism is a social development disorder that affects the cognitive, communicative and interactive capacity of the brain. People with autism struggle with high sensory stimulation and need a lot of attention and support from their parents, teachers and siblings to ensure that they can lead the most productive and happy lives possible. Awareness is not the main objective at this time, understanding is, and more importantly, acceptance. So on this day of raising awareness about autism, I ask all of you to appreciate, love or simply accept those who live with autism.


How has autism personally affected my life? 

In 2004, my mother called me and my sisters in her room. With the composure that only a mother can have, she told us that our little brother, Fewa, had “special needs”. While my sisters asked questions, all I could do was think about what this would mean to me, the youngest of the three girls, who was already too happy. Fortunately, my selfishness quickly disappeared and Fewa quickly became the center of our family. The role of an older sister always involves some kind of responsibility. However, the role of an older sister for an autistic brother is much more work. At first, it seemed like every day with him was a challenge, especially for my mother. I remember seeing my mother helping Fewa with simple tasks like brushing her teeth, helping him get dressed or fed, and every day eventually ran out. Our family was fortunate enough to have the help of caregivers, but no one can deny the resistance my mother had in growing Fewa. I respect you more.

Every day I see it more and more independent. Our relationship is becoming less one-sided; I can really say that we are friends. Fewa doesn’t need anyone’s sympathy. He is the most genuine and affectionate person I know. This is probably why I’ve never seen Fewa’s autism as necessarily and totally negative, it’s a unique feature that increases the complexity of the person he is.

I’m not naive or unrealistic. I certainly have some disturbing worries about the future. Fewa will always need some kind of support. At sixteen he still needs help 24 hours a day. I would say that the biggest mistake about autism is that the people who have it are socially inept genes: Rainman, anyone? Yes, this is true for some autistic people, but there is a reason why the official term is “autism spectrum disorder”. It is a spectrum and can range from children who do not speak at all to children who can attend normal schools.

No matter what I do, I have to build my life thinking of Fewa. My parents will not be forever and their care and well-being will become the responsibility of me and my sisters. It is true that the consideration for Fewa will always influence the decisions I make in my life. Despite this, Fewa is not a burden at all. These concerns do not reduce the immense love I have for my brother, who gave me so much joy and showed me the purest form of love. To quote The Bard, “Love sought is good, but those who are not sought are better”. It is Fewa’s unconditional love that made me the woman I am today: a sister, a teacher, a caregiver and a best friend.

I’ve never hidden my love for Otedola’s daughter, Temi –Mr. Eazi

Apparently, the love story between singer Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, also known as Mr. Eazi, and daughter of Femi Otedola, Temi, is getting stronger by the day.

In a recent meeting with Sunday Scoop, Mr. Eazi was not ashamed to publicly declare his love for the billionaire’s daughter. In response to a question about the true state of his relationship with Themes, he said: “I don’t think there is anything hidden in it. Themes is my only girl.

Given the opportunity to choose, he said he would like to spend more time in Nigeria with his family and loved ones. But, according to him, it is impossible, since he has fans all over the world. Mr. Eazi said: “I have to face a blessing and a curse.

The fact that I make music that people all over the world listen to is a blessing. But the implication is that once people all over the world listen to your music, it means you no longer have an electorate.

Currently, I try to interact with my Nigerian, African and diaspora fans and then with my new non-African fans. Moreover, people should not forget that I am just a man; So, I can’t be in many places at the same time. But I make sure that once I get the chance, I will come to Nigeria to do one thing or another. Trust me, it is not my joy not to be in Nigeria, where my family lives “.

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