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Umahi vows to sack any aide who insults Buhari

David Umahi, governor of Ebonyi state, says that all his assistants who insult President Muhammadu Buhari or any governor will be fired.

David Nweze, special assistant to the governor for new media, quoted Umahi saying this in a statement on Thursday.

The governor stated that punishing the president and any governor does not add value to his administration.

Umahi said, from now on, all his assistants who insult the president would be fired immediately.

“The Ebonyi State Governor, David Nweze Umahi, has prohibited any of his political appointees from castigating or abusing the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari,” he said.

“Doing such to any government or any governor in this country has no value to add to his administration.

“The Governor has advised that anyone who wishes to throw an unnecessary stone against any of the above-mentioned leaders, should, in his or her own best interest, get ready to leave his government as such will attract immediate sacking.

“Any posting, henceforth, against the President, any governor or government from any of his appointees will attract immediate termination of appointment by him.

“If you want to castigate the President, his government or any governor, you must leave Governor Umahi’s government first. How does such castigation help the governor’s government?”

Within the last one month, Umahi has sacked two of his appointees (chief press secretary and commissioner for information and state orientation).

Recently, Umahi fired his chief press secretary for misrepresentation