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What FBI, EFCC, ICPC must do to ‘Yahoo Yahoo politicians’ in Buhari govt – Frank



The former All Progressive Congress, APC, National Publicity Secretary, Timi Frank, urged the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Monday to prevail over the nation’s anti-corruption agencies to suppress politicians he identified as “Yahoo Yahoo”.

Frank, while praising the FBI and other international security agencies, claimed that the “Yahoo politicians” in Nigeria were actually responsible for collecting scammers on the Internet known as “Yahoo Yahoo guys” in the country.

In a statement he personally signed and sent to Latest Nigeria News, Frank insisted that most of the Yahoo Yahoo politicians are currently in the current administration.

The former deputy spokesman of the APC cited a situation in which a governor, a minister or any other person designated by the government who was not in any financial position before reaching public office, suddenly became extraordinarily rich after his term in office. that office. office.

He said that until the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the ICPC will stop protecting “Yahoo politicians”, both in the government and in the external government, it will be difficult to discourage the prevalence of Internet fraud perpetrated by some young people. Nigerians.

He said: “The ‘Yahoo politicians’ are the role models of these ‘Yahoo Yahoo Boys.’ Those in government today are not immune. They have turned Nigeria to the capital of poverty in the world.

“The ‘Yahoo’ appointees and governors will throw elaborate parties and dinners once they assume public office because they see it as an opportunity to loot the treasury.

“When you look at the antecedent of most of the members of the recently inaugurated federal cabinet, the majority of them have been guests of either the EFCC or the ICPC in the past. If known criminals are accorded such privileges, then, what is the government telling the young ones?

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“It is only in Nigeria that a suspect and an anti-corruption prosecutor would later become members of the federal executive council.

“In a country where about 90% of citizens are living in abject poverty, the ‘Yahoo Yahoo politicians’ in the National Assembly have no qualms budgeting N5.5 billion to acquire choice SUVs for themselves. That most university graduates are roaming the streets jobless is a cause for concern.

“The Yahoo presidency fights corruption only on the pages of Newspapers, labels the opposition elements as thieves while it openly and consciously protects the armed-robbers within the government.

“Even the institutions established to fight corruption have been politicised and heavily compromised. They dare not touch the ‘yahoo politicians’ in the good books of the ruling party.”

He, however, ured the FBI to help Nigeria in the fight against corruption by clamping down on the ‘Yahoo politicians’ who brazenly steal public funds and run to oversea countries like United State of America and other European countries to enjoy their booty.

He urged international security agencies like the FBI and INTERPOL to focus on Nigerian yahoo politicians and yahoo judges who award jaundiced judgements to the ‘yahoo presidency’ and the ‘yahoo politicians’ to the detriment of justice, democracy and the well-being of Nigerians.