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Wike urged to be humble in governance

The representative of the eastern Senate district of Rivers, in the eighth Senate, Andrew Uchendu, urged the governor of the rivers state, the head Nyesom Wike, to be humble in the government.

Uchendu, a former member of the House of Representatives, on Thursday on the phone from Abuja, expressed his dismay at the way Wike was leading the charge.

The senator reacted to statements previously made by the governor of Rivers during the funeral of the mother of a leader of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), Sergeant Major Awuse, in the area of the local state government of Emohua.

He said: “Wike, during the funeral service, was mischievous and unnecessarily arrogant, when on one hand, he claimed to be congratulating President Mohammadu Buhari, on his victory at the tribunal and at the same time, he described the President as a bad man, who, according to him, is not doing well. This is an unnecessary display of arrogance in power.

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“Wike needs to be humble enough to attract the benefits due Rivers State from the Federal Government. Only Rivers State, under Wike, failed to provide land for the housing scheme by the Federal Government. When other states were submitting details of federal roads and projects executed for refund, Wike’s administration failed to submit its.

“Wike should be respectful of the Federal Government, in order to secure the needed assistance for Rivers State. The time of playing politics is over. Rivers governor should face governance, in the interest of our people. Being arrogant will continue to rob us of the needed federal support.”

Uchendu also asked Rivers governor to focus on people-oriented and capital-intensive projects and programmes, rather than continually playing politics.

Wike’s Special Assistant on Electronic Media, Simeon Nwakaudu, could not be reached as at press time, for reaction on behalf of his boss.

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